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Accueil / Groupes de travail / Europe / Saving Italian Science

Saving Italian Science

le 28 March 2006

You will find attached a paper by Alison Abbott, published in the 16 march issue of Nature. " As the general election looms, candidate prime minister Romano Prodi strives to convince Italy’s discontented scientists that he can turn things around." This paper mentions a document summarizing a set of proposals made by a think tank of scientists. We have not been able to get this document so far. However, you will also find attached the proposals made to the Center-Left Coalition by RNRP (Rete Nazionale Ricercatori Precari i.e., the National Italian Networks of Precarious Researchers) www.ricercatoriprecari.org

The summary of this proposals is the following :

-  Cancellation of the Moratti’s Laws on Schools, Universities and Public Research System

-  The constitution of the “Knowledge States General” for an open discussion about the reform of the sector.

-  More resources for the Public Research System

-  An intensive recruitment plan of researchers in the public sector

-  The unblocking of the turn over in the Universities and the public research bodies

-  The free circulation of knowledge, against the extension of patenting logic

-  Transparency and cooperation as main principles of the work model in the public research sector

-  Social rights for all the precarious workers.