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Accueil / EUROPE / Bulgarian science reform attacked (Nature 21 January 2010)

Bulgarian science reform attacked (Nature 21 January 2010)

Par Marie-Pierre Gaviano, le 26 février 2010

Nature has published on 21 January 2010 a paper by Alisson Abbot on the ongoing reforms in Higher Education and Research in Bulgaria. It concerns in particular a law which was first voted in December 2009 and is now going though a second round of discussions.

Here are some excerpts.

"... a proposed law meant to improve research and universities is meeting protests from the scientists themselves.

The law would dismantle the central Hiher Attestation Commission, which awards advanced degrees and oversees academic appointments. Instead, universities would be responsible for awarding their own higher degrees, as happens elsewhere in Europe.

"Some researchers charge that the move would eliminate quality control of PhD and postdoctoral work, particularly in the universities that have sprung recently.[…]

Last week an action group called the Civil Movement for Support of Bulgarian Science and Education presented parliament with a list of demands for changes to the proposed law. They include setting up a system to govern univerity accreditation before allowing the institutions to award their own higher degrees" [...]

The university of Sofia and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, which together account for 90% of pear-revewed publications in Bulgaria, have also registered concerns with the government [...]

Mathematician Emil Horozov of the University of Sofia says that it would be an "enormous problem" if the universities were to give out thier own higher degrees as, as the agency that accredited the new universities is part of a system that brought "our country to ruins." "