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Accueil / EUROPE / SPRING ALTERNATIVE SUMMIT For Another Europe of Knowledge

SPRING ALTERNATIVE SUMMIT For Another Europe of Knowledge

Invitation / Registration / Agenda

le 2 mars 2010

Collectif Printemps 2010
- Website : http://spring2010.eu

SPRING ALTERNATIVE SUMMIT For Another Europe of Knowledge

Thursday 25 March 2010

European Parliament

Wiertz Street/Wiertzstraat 60 B-1047 Brussels

Room 7C050

- 10:00-12:30 AM / 2:00-6:00 PM
- (Arrival from 9:00 AM)

On 25-26 March 2010, the Spring Summit of the Heads of State and Government of the European Union will mark the 10 years of the Lisbon Strategy, which frames the policies currently conducted in the Member States so as to ‘modernise’ the national research and education system (primary, secondary and higher education, lifelong learning). The Council will present an assessment of this Strategy and then project it over the next decade, complying with the agenda “Europe 2020” prepared by the European Commission (see http://ec.europa.eu/eu2020/index_fr.htm)

The declared ambition of a ‘knowledge-based society’ should be encouraged when its objective is to promote education and research as public goods, when it ensures that knowledge is available to all, and when it allows citizens to express a reasoned critical analysis of the scientific and technical choices which are proposed to them.

But the current orientation is different, and reduces this prospect to the creation of a ‘knowledge market’ whose harmful influence can be seen everywhere. Scientific and institutional independence is weakened. The public research system is being dismantled and the grip of business tightened. Tuition fees are increased. Studying and working conditions are becoming increasingly precarious and citizens are pushed aside from the technical and scientific decisions that affect their lives. Instead of being met, the promise of a 3% of G.D.P investment in research ends up with dire budget cuts.

In the past few years, large-scale mobilizations of increasing intensity have been initiated by students, workers in education and research, and by social movements in general, all around Europe. These protests strongly express a demand for a public education and research sector which will not surrender to competitive market forces nor be driven by the utilitarian views imposed by short-sighted policy-makers.

That is why we are organizing an Alternative Summit on 25 March 2010 in the European Parliament in Brussels

You are warmly invited to participate actively in this day of exchanges and debates to build together another project

-AGAINST the marketization of scientific and educative activities,
- AGAINST the reduction of knowledge to technological innovation and mere adaptation to the labour market,
- FOR an emancipatory and democratic service in the field of Higher Education and Research

- 1/ Morning (10 :00-12 :30 AM) : Collective assessment of 10 years with the Lisbon Strategy

- 2/ Afternoon (14 : 00-18 : 00 PM) : Collective elaboration of an alternative project

We need your contributions ! For more information on how to take part see below the registration table (registration is required before the 15 March) and the Agenda.

Registration required : Table to be sent to contact@spring2010.eu before 15 March 2010 :

PDF - 81.5 ko


`We need your contributions !


- 1/ Morning (10 :00-12 :30 AM) : Collective assessment of 10 years with the Lisbon Strategy
- 2/ Afternoon (14 : 00-18 : 00 PM) : Collective elaboration of an alternative project

Morning – Reforms and mobilizations all over Europe

Our exchanges about reforms and/or mobilizations will be organized according to four themes. Each of them is illustrated by the Lisbon Strategy key-words. You may choose one or several axe(s) or key-words and expose how their are embodied in your country or area, giving one or two examples.
- Theme « Universities and research institutions organization » « Lisbon key-words » : Governance, New Public Management, Quality, Academic freedom, Autonomy, academic marketing etc.
- Theme « Funding » « Lisbon key-words » : investments, financial health ( cut), “3% of GDP invested in research”, Tuition fees, Student loans, Tax-credits, Private foundations, Public-Private-Partnership etc…
- Theme « Regional organization » « Lisbon key-words » : Clusters, Kompetenznetze, Excellence clusters, Competitive poles, Excellence networks, Attractiveness, Mobility etc.
- Theme « Jobs » « Lisbon key-words » : Human capital, Long Life Learning, Employability, Flexibility (precarity) …

Afternoon — Alternative project

In order to explore all possibilities towards a democratic and emancipatory Europe of Knowledge, you are invited to propose in an oral or written form 5 precise ideas of political measures, ways of organization, public actions etc. Every oral contribution is warmly welcome (within the limit of 5-10 minutes). All written propositions sent before 18 March will be registered in a document available as a medium for the debate.

At the end of the Alternative Summit, we will publish our conclusions in a text on line and a press communiqué which will be widely diffused. In this way, we will oppose our project for Another Europe of Knowledge to the official conclusions of the Spring Council which given out the day after (26 March).

In short :

  • Register directly on the website or by en sending the joint table to contact@spring2010.eu and send your contributions for the morning or the afternoon before 18 March ;-
  • Invite people and register them in the same way ; European, national or local representatives are welcome ;
  • Share the information as widely as possible.