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Accueil / EUROPE / « A broad understanding of innovation » : We do need more innovative traders

« A broad understanding of innovation » : We do need more innovative traders

Par Marie-Pierre Gaviano, le 2 juin 2010

European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science Mrs Máire Geoghegan-Quinn was speaking at the European Technology Platforms conference in Brussels, Belgium on 11 May. According to Cordis, here are her priorities :

“Firstly, the strategy will refocus research and innovation policies on the major challenges facing Europe and the world, such as climate change, energy efficiency, health and ageing. In addition, the strategy will be based on a broad understanding of ’innovation’, including not only research but innovation in business models, management structures and the delivery of public services.”

Innovation includes business models and management structure : this "broad understanding" is line with the strategy defined by the Competitiveness Council meeting which met in Brussels on 26 May 2010 and whose Conclusions on Creating an innovative Europe also stress the crucial importance of commercial design : _ " […]
5. Non-technological innovation, including design, innovation in services as well as culture- based creativity, is an important tool for competitiveness, growth and quality of life for citizens :

- As regards design which is an important driver of user centred innovation, the Council INVITES the Commission and Member States to give special attention to design considering its leverage effect on innovation performance, taking into account economic, social and environmental sustainability aspects and STRESSES the need to establish platforms for exchanging knowledge, experiences and best practices on design issues as a competitive advantage for European companies ;

- Culture-based creativity is recognised as a vital driver of innovation in sectors such as the Cultural and Creative industries (CCIs) which are characterised by higher than average growth and strong untapped potential ;

- Services account for over 70% of EU GDP and knowledge intensive services account for a rising share of EU trade. SMEs are key actors in many service sectors. The Council INVITES the Commission to develop policies encourage innovation in services to deliver smarter, sustainable and inclusive growth ; […]" Source

Let’s give up base scientific research : more innovative subprimes and yoghurt packaging will save Europe.

Conclusions on Creating an innovative Europe 26 May 2010 (integral text)

PDF - 108.9 ko
Conclusions on Creating an innovative Europe 26 May 2010