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revue de presse de l’édition scientifique

le 25 novembre 2014

21 Novembre 2014

10 Novembre 2014

31 Octobre 2014

  • To some a citation is worth $3 per year Magie des chiffres : cet article instructif détaille comment l’Université Royale Abdulaziz peut prétendre au 7e rang dans un classement mondial des activités mathématiques grâce au "normalized citation impact".

20 Mai 2013

  • Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication — Tenure-Track Science Faculty and the ’Open Access Citation Effect’ extrait : The observation that open access (OA) articles receive more citations than subscription-based articles is known as the OA citation effect (OACE). Implicit in many OACE studies is the belief that authors are heavily invested in the number of citations their articles receive. This study seeks to determine what influence the OACE has on the decision-making process of tenure-track science faculty when they consider where to submit a manuscript for publication.

6 Mai 2013

19 Mars 2013

  • The Wall Street Journal — EU Opens Up Access to Scientific Research extrait : “But smart young researchers will find their own ways of publishing their data and by building standards and a bureaucracy around it we must not discourage people who may find better ways of doing it. We mustn’t crush that creativity and ingenuity…making a monotholic database is not the way to do things.”

6 février 2013

11 février 2013

24 janvier 2013

17 janvier 2013

9 décembre 2012

8 octobre 2012

Cet article rend compte d’une étude Scientific Paper Retractions extrait : "Biomedical research has become a winner-take-all game—one with perverse incentives that entice scientists to cut corners and, in some instances, falsify data or commit other acts of misconduct," said senior author Arturo Casadevall.

17 juillet 2012

15 juillet 2012

12 juin 2012

8 juin 2012

22 mai 2012

13 janvier 2012

[...]profits as a percentage of revenue for commercial STM publishers in 2010 or early 2011 :

  • Elsevier : £724m on revenue of £2b — 36%
  • Springer‘s Science+Business Media : £294m on revenue of £866m — 33.9%
  • John Wiley & Sons : $106m on revenue of $253m — 42%
  • Academic division of Informa plc : £47m on revenue of £145m — 32.4%

5 septembre 2011