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thanks for your support

Par luc, le 30 avril 2004

We wish to thank you once again for your important contribution to our effort to make our government aware of the dangerous path they were following by reducing financial support of basic science in France. We are certain that the recognition by foreign scientists of that danger greatly contributed not only to the government’s perception of the problem, but also to the support received from the general publicfor our campaign. The understanding of our problem by the public was surely partly responsible for the dissatisfaction with the government manifested at the time of regional elections.

The "Sauvons la Recherche" campaign, considerably helped by your contribution, was so successful that the government reversed its decision concerning a reduction in the number of positions attributed to government research institutes, and opened 1000 additional positions for the university. The government also made available a percentage of the budget for scientific research that had previously been attributed to, but later withheld from, research programs.

We must of course pursue our efforts to ensure continued support of scientific research, and must do whatever might be necessary to help restructure our research institutions so they can better respond to the demanding pace of scientific research.

Once again, many thanks for your indispensable and greatly appreciated support.

Isabel Llano, Alain Marty, JacSue Kehoe, Philippe Ascher et Hersch Gerschenfeld