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Lettre type pour nos collègues étrangers

mardi 16 mars 2004.

Dear colleagues and friends,

As you probably know, French research today is shaken by the most dramatic wave of protest it has ever known. You can read about it in [http://www.nature.com/cgi-taf/DynaP...] and on the website of "Sauvons la Recherche" [http://recherche-en-danger.apinc.or...]

We are opposing the policy imposed by our government : a deadly combination of cuts in funding and transformation of tenured research positions into 3-5 year contracts with little chance for employment afterwards. The mid/long term prospect is no less than the slow extinction of French research, as fewer and fewer talented young scientists will be attracted to a dead-end carrer. This is bad news for everyone, in particular for other European countries where similar policies are more or less openly blooming.

Over 62,000 French researchers have signed a petition demanding restoration of a decent research policy for this country. March 9, more than 1000 heads of research laboratories and countless team leaders have resigned in protest against the lack of response of our government. We are organizing a large debate within the community, which should culminate in the "Etats-Généraux de la Recherche" (Research Parliament), the goal of which is to propose a reform of the entire research system. A recent poll shows that more than 81% of the nation supports us. Still, nothing will be achieved unless the French government fully realizes how its policy endangers the future of our nation. We need your help to pressure our government. Petitioning being a traditional and effective weapon in French politics, we ask you to please read and sign the international petition on our web site : http://recherche-en-danger.apinc.or...

I apologize if this or similar letters have reached you through other channels. Feel free to circulate this letter among your colleagues. Thanks

Voir en ligne: International petition.